This week for the where to buy posts I thought it was time to share my favourite jackets of the season and the places that I’ll be shopping. Lots of old favourites but I’m hoping I might have included a shop or two you won’t have considered.

What I love most about a good jacket {or blazer} is that a classic, good quality item will last you for years into the future. A beautifully made jacket is a must have wardrobe staple {even for this Queensland girl!} so you can afford to spend a little more and get something gorgeous. It’s like a free pass to go a little nuts!

So take a look at what I have found below and good luck! A number of the jackets pictured below are on my personal shopping list. Think the My Size yellow blazer, the black leather trim jacket from Virtu and the 17 Sundays leather jacket! GAH. Perfection. How will I decide? I probably won’t. I’ll take one of each I think. Haha. You?

plus size jackets by my size

My Size {sizes 16 – 26}

One of the lovely ladies on the Facebook page told me to make sure that I checked out My Size for great new season blazers knowing my badly hidden addiction to them. So being the obliging lady I am, I did and I’m SO glad I did. The amazing colours and style grabbed my attention straight away. I don’t know about you but I’ve been looking for a long line blazer for a long time, I was excited to find plenty of them here. The yellow one in particular. Come to Mumma!

plus size jackets from autograph fashion

Autograph Fashion {sizes 14 – 26 }

You all know my love of the Autograph floral blazer but this season there are plenty of other options as well. Lots of styles, colours, cuts and fabric weights. The newest is the flared blue jacket on the left of the image. How great is that!? Perfectly fits in with my current obsession with all things peplum flounce. I’m absolutely willing to put my money where my mouth is on this one because the majority of my jackets come from Autograph and they have served me for many MANY years.

plus size jackets by Virtu

Virtu {sizes 12 – 24}

The black blazer pictured above is coming home with me. No doubt about it. This is going to be my new work blazer and I can see it featuring heavily in my everyday wardrobe as well. Again I’m happy to say that my experience with this brand has been great {my stripe blazer is from Virtu} and after 12 months of hard wear, sometimes 4 times a week, it still look brand new. Great value! Virtu also have casual jumpers, hoodies and long-line casual jackets.

Various brands via The Iconic {sizes 14 – 24}

The collection of brands at the Iconic make me happy and when it comes to jackets they are like a one stop shop. For years I’ve been looking for a beautiful, feminine, leather jacket and this season 17 Sundays have this gorgeous offering {second from the left} with the laser cut out details. You’ll also find the trendy floral bomber at Wanderlust and much much more. If I lived somewhere that had more than a month of winter a year, the white jacket above would also be on my list. GORGEOUS.

plus size jackets from asos curve

ASOS Curve {sizes 18 – 26}

Last but by no means least is friend to the plus size girl ASOS Curve. The large selection of jackets on this site will cater to any budget, style and level of warmth needed. Everything from beautiful blazers to leather jackets and everything in between. The navy jacket above, with leather trim, is something I could see myself getting a lot of wear of. It’s corporate enough for my workplace but casual enough for the weekend too. I think a great jacket needs that versatility. This is a one stop shop and new stock gets added all the time. Check it out.

And that’s my jackets wrap up, any others to add to the list? I’m sure there are.

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