We say, huh, High Five a lot around here. And I was thinking today, maybe a little too much. Ad break, high five. Dinner was awesome, high five. Someone swept the floor, high five. Over and over it goes until I feel like my hand is in the air ready to be swatted more often than not. It’s amazing how something that started as a random, hey, you well done thing has become so every day. Maybe that’s a good thing. But maybe, it undermines it.

Something else we tend to undermine is I Love You. We throw it around. Hanging up the phone, I love you. You packed the dishwasher, I love you. I bought five cardies from Coles, I love you. Through gritted teeth sometimes I almost spit out, I love you. This post is a reminder of types. not to under value the words. To use them with love and generosity and spontaneous joy. Sappy, yes. But necessary for keeping it real no matter the relationship. I don’t know about you, but I have used I love you as a buffer, on auto-pilot and even a weapon almost. And it undermines it.

Happy Valentines too all the Lovers.

Do you high five too much? Say I love you instead of goodbye?


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