When you blog about what you know, well things just go better. For me this is true. I think being a personal blogger and blogging about things you know is a bit of a derrrr moment. It was part of the conversation on the Brand Meet Blog twitter chat the other day. Some said they do the same thing. Some said they find interesting ways to shape the content for their readers {even though it may not be their thing} and a few had professional blogs that had specific topics unrelated to them personally.

Oh really, I thought?

I sometimes imagine starting a blog for new or upward moving home owners. Tips for entering the market, financing right through to decorating and renovating for profit. It would be specifically a blog that was a commercial asset. Or there’s the one of nothing but cheap and cheerful recipes. Nothing that you couldn’t buy the ingredients for $20. Something like that. Even these ideas are things that interest me. I can’t imagine ever being a good enough writer to fake an interest in a topic or story.

I guess that’s why I get a bit defensive about sponsored posts or brand relationships on this blog being questioned. Let me tell you now. The product or service must be of interest to me, it must be something that I like a LOT {love even} and it must be something I’ve used. Anything else just won’t make it. Full stop. So put your fears to rest. I’ll continue to disclose my relationships and sponsored posts because it’s the right thing to do. But let this be the confirmation, I like it or it wouldn’t be here.

I was thinking after the chat that perhaps we shouldn’t let what we know limit us. We might find that by stepping out of our comfort zone, saying yes to something we normally wouldn’t, that we find yourselves in a new favourite place. Like last night’s outfit post for example {on a pretty small-scale}. Outfit post, no problem. A leopard print peplum top, a little more out of the ordinary.

Sometimes we all need to try something different. Do something different. That’s the point of living. Right? And then, all of a sudden with the trying and the doing it becomes something that you know. A new something. So I think about this and I’ve almost come the full circle. Would I write about something that I don’t know, no. Am I willing to try something new and write about that? Yes. Apparently.

So what’s it for you? What you know or whatever?

Remind me, would you, not to write these posts under the influence of medication. I think it’s gotten a little hazy up there. 
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