For me my day job is something I just can’t help myself from doing. There is a problem solving element to real estate that I’ve always loved with a nice side order of creative pursuits. I love the work and work alongside my Mother who is all kinds of awesome and frustrating in the same measure. And she has a mean snack cupboard which I absolutely must overhaul to sugar free if I have any chance of getting back on THAT wagon properly. But that’s not the point. The point is, I love the people. A few in particular.

The ones with a sense of humour mostly.

I love that we can laugh and joke and still get stuff done. I love that mostly we agree on the air temperature {because there’s nothing worse than an air con battle, no one wins that one}. I love that they seem to get my blogging and social media world even if they aren’t that sure what it is. That they remind me that what I’ve created here is a little bit special. That the perks are just darn unusual in the real world. Mostly, I think they are good people, who mean well, want to help others however they can and who don’t mind the odd lunch date.

For me, what makes work work is the people.

It will always be the people.

And tonight, we’re heading out for drinks.

Because sometimes that works too.

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