People you love can sometimes be crazy.

They drive you insane.

You look deep into their eyes and just want to kick them in the shins.

You know. Love and stuff.

Family takes work. I think sometimes we take the people who we know best for granted. And yes, this is going to be one of thooooose posts about appreciated what you have, working for it and not taking things so darn personally. I’ve seen it all too often the family of people who have passed with that pained oh god, how did this happen look. Someone told me once, that the real pain comes from the things you left unsaid. The I Love Yous. The you’re my favourite, bestest thing that ever happened to me.

Grief has regret all over it.

And other things of course. But it’s difficult not to consider the last time you saw someone. The last thing you said. How and why you acted the way you did that last time. With this in mind, I will never take my family for granted. Ever. And sure, we have our moments like any family. This one doesn’t call often enough, that one feels left out. This one doesn’t agree with that ones choices. The upside is that we know that that STUFF is much less important than having each other.

I saw a family once who was torn apart by themselves. Even after various nudges from the universe, trying times and illnesses, to pull themselves together. To band together. And they did, for a while, at the end. But now they’re broken again. Each feeling wrong, unsupported and hurt. It breaks my heart. I don’t think it happens lightly.

Sometimes in family, I think, you’re a giver, not a taker. More than anyone else on this planet your family can ask more of you. Demand it even, in a way that friends would fear to try. Of course they can. And when the times comes, your time to fall apart or crumble or stumble, it will be your turn to ask for too much. Your turn to demand it.

 This post, I guess is to demand that you look closer. Try harder. Be stronger. Stop taking things so darn personally. And I’m not even going to disclaimer this by saying that of course there are exceptions, there are people who are abusive and detrimental to our development. Because you know that. You guys are just that smart. And generous.

But you know, try harder.

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