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Life can get busy sometimes. And for me, this is one of those times. I am working most days from 8.30 through to 6.30pm or later. Five days a week. And every third Saturday. I am managing my properties, and my division and building up to 8 pages of advertising. My workload has doubled, at least. I’m a community group secretary. And I lead introductions, participate in seminars and workshops with Landmark Education. I blog daily, at least. I am actively involved in my family and my community. I’m busy. {Don’t laugh, I AM!}
So here they are, my top five tips for dealing well with super busy, super stressful times;
  1. Be prepared and have a plan. Make sure the plan is in written or physical form with reminders if necessary or triggers. A plan is no good to anyone on a piece of paper on your bedside table.  
  2. Eat well and drink lots of water. It will keep you alert and  give you more energy and stamina. Reaching for crappy food alternatives and caffeinated or sugary drinks will drain your bodies resources, not replenish them. 
  3. Get plenty of sleep. Well. As much as you can. AND you are better off to come straight home and go to bed early because, I hear, the sleep you get before 10pm is more regenerative than the hours you get after. Set your alarm early and call it a night. 
  4. Debrief and leave the day, the hour and the moment behind. Learn to be in the moment. Focus on the task you are doing now, do it well and you’ll only have to do it once. It’s my old favourite Go Slow to Go Faster method. I can almost hear the groans from my team. They’ve heard this plenty.
  5. Take a break. No matter how busy you are. You need that 10 -15 minutes to breathe. Relax. Eat! Walk around the block or lay under your desk {not the best plan if you are a receptionist}. You will be more productive if you take a short break.  

So busy Mumma’s, business owner’s, bloggers and career type lads and ladies there you have it. Lessons learned from the high stress, high crazy field of the property manager. What’s your tip for keeping your world together when it is spinning at a million miles an hour? Share it with us, we love a good tip. 
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