There are a few simple rules when it comes to quitting sugar according to David Gillespie’s book Sweet Poison, one of them is Party Foods are for Parties. Meaning, eat cake at a party if you want to, even have some lollies, basically if you want to, at a party do it. Or that’s the way I interrupt it. It’s about living life and not becoming o regimented that people stop inviting you to stuff because they feel weird about serving birthday cake at a birthday party. Again, my take on things.

I’ve often been heard to say, party foods are for parties before having dessert or some form of sugar related item {lollies, tarts, chocolate etc}. It occurred to me as I party foods are for parties my way through this road trip holiday that perhaps I might have taken the guideline a little bit too far. I’ve turned it into a free for all. Feeling bloated and sick and headachey and ick was the red flag. I’m glad I’ve taken the time to see.

Holidays are not parties.

Weekends are not parties.

Going out for lunch is not a party.

Parties are parties and party food is for parties.

New rule.

Well, old rule, new again.

Do you ever let things slip a little until it’s a barely recognisable version of the original idea? Or is it just me?

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