There are times in life when you think everything will be ok because it has to be. Because you just don’t know how you would keep going if it wasn’t. And on those days it can go either way. But you never really believe that until it goes badly.

Until it ends and you are left in a moment where the worst has happened and now you have to deal. That moment that you assume happened to OTHER people. And not to you. But then, all of a sudden it is you.

You are losing someone you love, or holding the hand of someone dear while they do. The spotting of blood really is something to worry about and then it is all over. For now. Or forever. And now you know. You may not want to believe but you know. Bad things happen. Sometimes things don’t go well. Not all stories end well.

It is that tearing of hope. The removal of it by force. It is that that stabs you mercilessly in the heart. Because now you know. Now you know. And you’ll never forget. You know that good things can be taken away. That the people you love won’t always be there. That sometimes everything doesn’t come up roses.

Unlike a person who has never been attacked by life in this way, you know that it CAN and does happen. You are changed. Permanently. You are different to them. Fundamentally. And you can no longer tell who the lucky ones are. Is it you facing the harsh light of day? Or is it them thinking that it will all be ok?

Because maybe for them, it will be.

You hope.

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