So I started a thing on Instagram and Twitter. A #ShowSuger hash tag. You can tag any photo of you, rocking your style and I’ll check it out and share it on our Facebook wall. It was a replacement venture for Friends of Suger which didn’t really work out in the end. The guests had to write a post, collect images etc etc and the return clicks just weren’t there towards the end. People loved the posts just not enough to click over to the writers blog. Naaaw. Sad! Soooo…

Anyway, the point of sharing that is now everyone can join in, it doesn’t take much effort and I’ll feature some outfits here and there of what YOU guys are wearing. Thank you to this week’s lovelies {Instagram user accounts} {from left to right, top to bottom} @misschisi, @my_ vintage_vow, @katy_potaty, @thisisashrose and TWO times as much thank you too @msclaire76. Find them, follow them. You won’t be sad that you did.

Fun, huh!? So that was the first one, the first batch of #ShowSuger outfits. The ones I think best shows off the new season trends for Spring. Check out these Suger’s in their gorgeous florals, stripes and vintage inspired cuts and styles. Especially check out how much colour features. Pinks, pastels, brights. Something for everyone. Sooooo, that’s my challenge to you all for this week. Wear. MORE. Colour! And show me on the Facebook page {post a photo to the page} or tag it on Twitter or Instagram with the hash tag #ShowSuger*.

I can’t wait to see what you come up with!

*pictures posted to the Facebook wall, or tagged with #SugerShow by the image owner may be used by me for this blog and social networks as part of this series. If you are concerned about that, please let me know via email or do what anonymous bloggers have been doing for years and crop your head off.

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