I’ve been holding on to this one for an appropriate amount of time to pass. You see it’s a story from in the trenches in property management. It’s about a lady. She was renting a house from us. A rural property perfect for horses. It was about 20 minutes outside of Gympie and she had had at least two inspections there. Application forms were filed, approval given {to her above three other applicants} and the day came to complete the paperwork and hand over the keys.

Oh happy day.

Or not.

35 minutes after this lady walked out the door of my office she was back. Almost in tears. She wanted to hand back the keys. Thinking something must have gone terribly wrong with the house since I was there I asked why? Had it been broken into, was it burnt down, did it now come with a complete set of dishevelled looking squatters with no teeth?

No, she said. My daughter doesn’t want to live there.

Huh? I said.

She went on to explain that her 8-year-old did not want to move there and was refusing to get out the car. So she wasn’t keeping the house. I went on to explain that with a signed lease we would now have to go into a lease break procedure explaining the costs and charges associated with that. She nodded and said she’d do whatever it took. Which she did FYI. And left the office.

I turned to my colleagues who had witnessed the whole exchange. I said, my mother would have told me fine, if I wanted to be a child about it, I could live outside/in the car. And gone straight on about moving. They agreed theirs would have done similar things. No because our mother’s are cruel heartless people but because sometimes you just have to suck it up as a child and have your vote vetoed.

What would you {or your mother} have done?

And why if the child’s opinion mattered SO much didn’t she take her through earlier…?

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