My local paper asked what you would do if you won 20 million dollars. Tomorrow. Bam. It’s yours, now what? It started this girl dreaming. Imagining and doing a little bit of planning. If you just let yourself dream and imagine for a minute, I think you can get a pretty clear handle on what it is that you REALLY want out of life. And it all looked a little like this…

I would move out of my house and into my dream house. People who know me know the one. I would pay the owners whatever they asked and get ready to become the beach bum I’ve always longed to be. The guest wing would always be welcome and we’d have an open door policy for family. That’s the advantage of a guest wing, right? I can just go on living and hardly even notice they are there. If I don’t want to.

We would entertain, adopt if having children continued to be difficult, and fill our house with even more love and laughter than there is now. It would be one of those places to go, to just be happy. It would be visually stunning, sure {ha!} but the heart of this home would be what people admired most. I’d bring someone in to cook for us everyday. I would join them in the kitchen sometimes or dismiss them and take over. You know me, I love to cook unless I haaaave to cook.

And there would be lounging. Lots of it. By the pool after my laps were done for the day. Lots of reading, lots of conversation and lots of green smoothies. Can you imagine the entirely organic produce you could lavish your body and soul with. Gosh. To have to spare no expense, what an amazing treat. To say here self I want you to have the very best.

There would HAVE to be a big fat sorry work, I’m done. I would continue to blog, of course, and take the opportunities that come to me via that. But day job? See ya, wouldn’t want to be ya. I wouldn’t even pretend that it wasn’t them it was me. Haha. Naaah, I don’t mind my job at all, I just want more. Note to self Suger, maybe do something about that, yeah?

There would be a travel agent on the phone. Booking flights to Italy to see my favourites, to Africa to share it with my Kel and San Francisco to sip coffee and hang out. If there was somewhere beautiful or captivating that I wanted to see, I would add it to the list. People doing great things, I’d be there in a minute just to witness them. Maybe some of it would rub off? Then I would then spend some time travelling Australia. Short bursts so I could return home to my family. We might even visit all the cousins and friends in the areas we NEVER seem to get to.

I would buy the beautiful clothes and shoes I love without hesitation. Continue to keep it simple but I wouldn’t blink an eyelid if there was something special I wished I could own. I’d probably donate almost my entire wardrobe and start again. Heck. I might even request some custom items from my favourite local designers. I have a board on Pinterest of clothes I wish someone would make for me. Now would be my chance. Imagine what you would do with your personal style without a spend limit?

By now I figure I would have, depending on the final price of MY house, have spent a nice chunk of change. That’s okay. There would be more to spend gifting monies to my family and the people who were there when I needed to borrow $20, or a tub of butter. The foundations that I donate to now on a smaller scale would be increased and donated to more regularly. I would be a good fairy dropping cheques from the sky. Do you ever wish you could repay those people who were just so generous with you that it changed you? I do. Now would be my chance.

Maybe now really is my chance. $20 million dreaming aside. 2013 was a good year for us. We managed to pull ahead and really settle into life. It’s hard to describe but maybe now IS the time to really give generously to those who helped us along the way. Maybe now is the time to look for something more fulfilling to do, see some more places, do some more things. Live a little more. You know? Maybe it’s time to stop saying we don’t get out much.

Then maybe I’ll get lucky and the $20 million will just show up?

What would YOU do with $20 million?

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