Welcome back to the rather delayed July edition of What to Wear Where. You remember our first post with the gorgeous Nat, right? I took a reader’s letter and turned it into a makeover of sorts. Mix Apparel came on board and sponsored the posts and provided one lucky reader per month an outfit.  This time, the selected letter was from Rinniez. She sent me this email;

Hi Melissa.

After four years of studying hard (and maybe partying a little too 😉 ) i will complete my university studies in August. I’m so excited to finally be able to use my Education degree to teach real kids in real schools! I’m planning to start with casual teaching and I can’t wait. Except that I just don’t think I have enough outfit ideas to get me through the rest of the year. I don’t find winter wear too difficult, but that awkward autumn/spring time where the days start cold and then get warm, before getting cold again have me stumped! I’d love to get some ideas from you on what to wear in these months that is appropriate and formal enough for school but still comfortable to spend the day teaching in.


A big fan of learning and an even bigger fan of the people who put up their hand to deliver that knowledge, how could we resist. Rinniez became our Miss July. I contacted Mix and we did our best to find some fresh, appropriate and young teacher type clothes. I sent some ides through and we picked an outfit. Then I got sick. Knocked on my butt sick. And by the time I came too it was too late. The top from the outfit was gone. Or so I thought. I took a look around the store and found it in the sale section. With some money to burn I added another sale item, a classic black dress to the bag and still came in under the $50 budget.

Here’s what I came up with. Note how the $8 on sale dress is just PERFECT for Rinniez? Sometimes things just work out for the best. We went with classic shapes and comfortable fabrics. The jumper is a lightweight knit and will get her through the whole day. A simple jacket will take the dress from daylight to dusk. Problem solved. She looks pretty darn gorgeous, doesn’t she!? You will note I managed to get MY all time favourite colour {the colbolt blue} into the mix. So now off she goes to be new teacher. We’re SO proud of our little chicken. Haha.

Did you have a cool teacher? Was it the art teacher? {aren’t they always!}

Shop Mix Apparel online.

I have selected another letter for the August post, but due to illness and all things Winter lurgy, Miss August still doesn’t have her clothes. It’s all my fault, of course. So stay tuned, it will be coming soon. Who the HECK starts a post series in Winter and then gets sick as a dog, I ask you!? 

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