When I did a ladies edition of what to wear to the ProBlogger Training Event I never really intended to do a version for the men. Not really. It was just a way of saying hey men folk, sorry this post won’t help you out at all. But then Darren {Mr ProBlogger himself} said, will there be a mens version and I was like sure dude, no problems, I’ll get right on that. As you do. And let me tell you, this could be one of the best assignments I’ve ever been sent on.

I mean, YOU research business casual for men and see how you go. It’s AWESOME. So now, let’s do this thing.

My hot tips for looking presentable, being comfortable and winning the hearts of the fair maidens {everyone loves a new blog fan!} then consider this;

  • First and foremost wear something you’re comfortable in. There’s not point dressing the part and feeling uncomfortable.
  • Make sure items are clean, ironed {where required} and where possible will leave you looking your best.
  • Choose a pair of great jeans and you could wear them all weekend.
  • The Gold Coast has been warm during the day with cooler temps at night. It will be worth bringing at least one jacket.
  • Don’t forget to add a little tropical feel to your networking evening outfit, no one likes a theme killjoy.

During my research I found a few key looks that depending on what you like to wear you could dress up or dress down. It’s the Gold Coast after all. The weather is gorgeous, the people are pretty laid back and you can get away with almost anything. Unless you’re heading out for the evening then dress yourself to the nines and cover those tatts because dress codes are pretty strict apparently. Here’s some looks I found that would work for the conference days and the networking evening.

Jeans 02 - Business Casual Mens

Preppy Denim

Everyone LOVES a hipster. Those cool kids and their bow ties, vegan shoes and nana knits. Well, most people. So we are taking that essential item, the denim jean {pick your style, that’s up to you} and making it all preppy hipster cool. For this look it’s about making an effort to look Ryan gosling charming but in your own way. Layer a jumper over a shirt and tie for immediate style points, or make those skinny jeans super skinny for a sort of Roy Orbison era look. And oh, my, gawd, if someone comes in the bow tie jeans ensemble above, I’ll give them an entire page on this blog for a month. HA.

Coloured Pants - Business Casual Mens

Coloured Pants

Now my Hubby was a little slow moving when it came to coloured denim/pants. But since he’s a lover of the t-shirt there really isn’t anything out there that makes you look like you put more effort or thought into your outfit than coloured denim. Style it up with a button down shirt, add layers with a jacket or cardigan or whatever suits you. A polo shirt even? In this case it’s all about the pants, the rest should just be simple and classic. Though that check shirt IS mighty fetching.

Jeans - What to Wear - Business Casual Mens

More Denim

Well I did mention that if you packed a great pair of jeans then you’d be set. When it came to business casual for men there was plenty of denim choices out there. All stylish and at various levels of dress. The double denim outfit {second from the left above} is probably as casual as I’d go, but each to their own}. Add converse sneakers or loafer flats, add boots or oxfords. Whatever, it’s going to make sure you’re sorted from day to night. Easy peasy.


There you are gentlemen of the ProBlogger community, I hope that helps you out. I look forward to catching up, learning some great stuff and celebrating our blogs together next week. Eeeek! Next week. Gasp. Regular readers of Suger Coat It, I hope you enjoyed my little sidetrack adventure into men’s fashion. I know I did. Phoar. Should we do a regular men’s style section? I’d be totally okay with that. Ha.

{Image credits have been pinned here. If one of these is your image and has been incorrectly credited please let me know and I’ll update or include a link here}

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