There are times when life is all sunshine and roses, and it’s pretty easy to be confident when that’s the case. Confident that life is good, and you are worthy of great things. Then sometimes life is a little bit poo. Circumstances or whatever conspire to have you feeling worthless. So what do you do when life knocks you flat on your butt, and it’s time to get up?


How the heck should I know?

I mostly wallow in the corner and cry. I’m really proactive like that. Ha!

But after the wallowing is done.

After the cursing, the universe is done.

After the woe is me part is over.

I get up.


One day you’ll feel a little better. I hope it comes sooner rather than later for you. A big part of it is allowing yourself to feel bad, cry, and face the facts called ‘life sucks right now’. I know that the longer I tough it out, the longer I’m slumped in that ball on the floor for. Face facts, you got ripped off when you’re done, moving on.

Learn something. Maybe you think there’s nothing for you to take away from this little experience, but there will be. Maybe it’s just your time to learn that life doesn’t always go how you planned it. Take a closer look. You’ll find something, a little sliver sometimes, but there will be something to learn.

Use something to learn as your light at the end of the tunnel. When I can pinpoint my lesson learned {save more money, trust my gut, take more care next time} I begin to feel a little better. Stronger, like I’ve survived my version of the hero’s journey or something. Like I’m about the win the girl and ride off into the sunset.


Then get moving.


Exercise fanatics have been saying this for years, and it’s true. Get moving. Preparing to go somewhere, even walking around the block, will get you out and about and feeling better. Stop just going through the motions. Enjoy yourself. Smell some roses and attempt cartwheels with cushy grass to break your fall. Life: Get into it. Ha.

Phone a friend. I don’t know about you guys, but I become a hermit when I feel terrible about myself or my life. Even my online presence dwindles. After all, what’s there to share with someone when all you have left is blaaaaah: boohoo and blah. I always say that there’s nothing to fear for the person who is putting voice to their concerns and demons. That person is somehow already safe.


It’s the quiet ones you have to watch.


Find a friend, a family member or coworker and talk about stuff. Life, people, the weather, I don’t care. Get those communication muscles working and share about what’s going on for you. Maybe not the whole heaping pile of it. Make sure you’re communicating not whingeing for an audience. Ask how the other person is, what they’ve been up to. Learn to find your sparkle again.

And then if all else fails, go back to step one. Clearly, you were not done wallowing. Go on; we’ll wait here. Wallow away. Whinge that life isn’t fair, people have it easier/better than you. Get it all out of your system and start over. And rinse, lather and repeat. You will feel better, you will get up again, and you will show life who is the boss. One day. It’s okay if today isn’t that day.


Remember, we all end up on our butts at some point; you’re actually not that special. Sorry!


Disclaimer people: clearly, there is a difference between being knocked down by the rough and tumble of life and things like depression and anxiety. If you need to speak with someone, do. If you don’t want to and life isn’t getting better for you, PLEASE DO. Take care of yourself and get the help you need. And please don’t use this as evidence that people are better at life than you, it’s not that. You’re doing great.   

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