I plan to live in this season colours and cardigan’s, slim fit jeans with knee high boots, coloured jeans and a whole heap of blazers. I’m going for a slim silhouette, layering and statement accessories. I have almost everything I need already. It’ll be about combining old stuff, classic stuff with updated colours. I even plan to bring on the big hair and statement eye make up a’la Adele the fabulous. I’m ok with seasonal fashion, I love to watch it happen. But for me, I feel like I want a classic look this year. Almost retro.

Items from Virtu, Autograph, ASOS Curve, MYER and Mix Apparel. Please email or comment with questions of which is which. I went and made the collage too darn big and labelling them all was a nightmare! Haha.

What are your plans, clothes wise, this season?

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