Today I’m asking, what if media looked different? What if instead of publications filled to the brim with aspirational content it looked a little more real. A little more like blogs. The good ones. Not the overly shiny perfect ones.What if everything we knew about media was turned on its head. Beautiful images of models were left at clean edit stage instead of full photoshop, glossed up, stretched out, slimmed-down version. What if aspirational images featured women as the best of themselves in reality?

Or are people bored by reality and want the gloss?

What if when you opened a newspaper, style section or magazine there was the woman who lived in your street showing off her recipe for the best scones ever that she procured while working abroad in her twenties in the kitchen of the Queen? What if magazines were full of interesting people. Not created interesting, the spin doctor version but genuinely interesting people who had lived their lives and wanted to share their adventures. Isn’t that what it’s meant to look like anyway?

What if when you flicked on the television or watched a movie and there were people you could relate to. All sorts of people. All sizes, colours, shapes and conditions. What if that happened? And accents!? What if Australian’s didn’t use some sad version of the American accent and just spoke? Put aside for a moment plot lines and themed storylines and consider it. What if we saw diversity every single day?

Yesterday I was so moved by a photo of Oprah in her home, make-up free BBQing that I share it on the Facebook wall for my blog page. Real women are the possible upside of social media and blogs. Less shiny, more real women. Diversity because all people have a beauty that needs to be shared. All people dress up sometimes, all people have days in a tracksuit and bare feet. And not in the glossy feature editorial ‘welcome to my beautifully lit home’ way. We all owe it to someone out there struggling to share our moments of reality. Of diversity. Maybe then we could change the way media looks.

I mean, look at Fifi Box {well, you know, pre-Atkins thing}.

I don’t know, maybe it’s too late at night to write this post, maybe I’m only making sense to me. But imagine what life would look like without the reinforcing of the idea that there’s a perfect, then there’s you. There’s her, and there’s you. It makes me wonder about how it got like this, by whom {and when} it was decided that we are going to be fed this diet of cookie-cutter perfection?

I’ve said it once and I’ll say it a million times, there is no other version of perfect but the one you already are. How would you like to see media look different? 

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