That the rules to dressing when your plus size were made up by someone a hundred million years ago and don’t really apply. My Dad still shakes his head when I wear 4 inch heels pushing my height to 6ft 1″. You’re tall enough, he says. Never! I shoot back. No such thing as too tall.

Well fitting is more flattering than baggy any day. Sure baggy is comfortable but leave it to the couch. Remember this post? The rules still apply. 150%. I will never forget the first time I put on skinny jeans after years in baggy boyfriend styles. It was a bit of holy grail moment. The fit suited my shape like no one’s business. Fitted is King. And note I said fitted not tight.

For me the perfect skirt length is 2 inches above or below the knee, anything else doesn’t work. Solid blocks of colour work for me. Things like dresses and head to toe one colour suit me way better than splitting myself in half. Longer line jackets and cardigans suit me better than short ones. I know what suits me best. But it doesn’t mean I won’t give other styles a try. Do you know what suits you?

Use colour as often as you can. Don’t get stuck in a monochrome rut. Because I wear so much black, white and grey with my job, it was pretty easy to get stuck wearing the same stuff all the time. Especially my favourite black dresses. It doesn’t mean that monochrome is bad. I mean, come on some of my favourite styles involve monochrome. But add some colour, trust me, you won’t be able to help but smile.

Be brave. Try on the latest trends. See how you can make them work for you. If they don’t, leave them and move on. If they do, incorporate immediately and congratulate yourself on being so cool. A couple of people have mentioned lately that they wish they could be as brave with clothes as I am. Firstly, I’m not. My style is simple in a lot of ways. It’s just stuff I like and lots of it. But what I do is keep an open mind on ALL new trends and try to work out how they will work for me. If they don’t, I ditch it and move on.

Oh yeah. And DO WHAT YOU WANT. Full stop.

What have YOU learnt?

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