There are some times a girl gets lucky in life. And some times you get REALLY lucky. Like having an amazing weekend with great people. And then getting to wear fabulous, shiny, pretty, lovely clothes that a certain fabulous blogger, one and only Ms Danimezza herself, was given, some of them personally, by the super cool designer herself. Wow. That was a lot of descriptive words for one sentence. But yeah, lucky, you know.

First I stole and wore the Damn You Alexis for City Chic blue velvet mini. I put it on and immediately ditched all plans for other items to wear and wore it to dinner with my black waterfall shrug. Later, after about a million trips up and down the elevator and we had waved off some bloggy friends it was announced… PHOTO SHOOT TIME!

And then we pulled IT out. The shiny, the oh so touchable, the way over the top, the fantabulous silver space skirt, otherwise know as the bubbley good skirt. I was shy about this one {more so then the other, but hello, there was a crowd building people!} because it felt super short and my leggings felt super unforgiving. But then the copious amounts of red wine combined with the clown in me kicked in and I was flipping that skirt up at everyone. Oh the shame. But here are some of the photo results. Note the black long sleeve top is a bonds undershirt. It’s all I had. So also kinda see through. Enjoy. HA.

It was like a sleepover on crack. With fabulous pretty things to play with and try on. So thank you Danimezza for your generosity, City Chic & Damn You Alexis for their generosity with her {feel free to use me as a test dummy anytime in the future, wink wink, nudge nudge} and a big fat NO THANKS to the very unhelpful Dan, Hayley, Zoe, Beck & Tabitha who thought that torturing me while posing for these pics was the funniest thing EVER!

***image credits at Hello Blogger Events flikr account

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