It’s been a strange one. And that, my dears, is an understatement. Since I last tempted you with almost, but not quite, writing about my adventures of day to day job stuff it has been mighty weird around here. Just random, can you believe that happened stuff. My job is weird like that. Is yours?
Sooooo it started a while back when we noticed that we had a massive amount of properties for rent (vacant – argh!) and yet we had been filling a lot. We started with 17 vacant, filled 12 and now have 28 on our list. Weird huh. And yes, there is a perfectly reasonable explanation – New ones! yay – but still, it struck me as weird. Why all of a sudden do people, all together, stop viewing properties. Stop moving housing. It’s like someone sent out a message and I missed it. You ever get that feeling?
But this week I have also had three people ask me if they could paint (brightly coloured) feature walls in properties. That they are renting. Hmmm. 
I saw five people with studs through their nose, cheeks and other extremities and one with a couple of tab looking things in the back of his neck – yow! Do you agree that for my little country town this is a huge amount when previous weeks I might sight one piercing total… Hmmm. And there have been more than I can count who have gotten new, mostly massive, tattoos. It’s like I missed punk all over again. Did I? Someone should haver told me. 
And I had a tenant cut down every tree in their yard. Gone. Totally  bare except for grass. What could you possibly have against trees. It’s just strange. 
And the crusades, don’t even get me started on the list of things I have received requests to crusade against or for or simply get behind. And requests offered with serious hushed tones. They weren’t even jokes. Whatever happened to saving the whales, stopping animal testing or stopping poverty/hunger etc. You know what, maybe I’m just out of the loop. Causes and crusades wise. 
And I had a tenant who was being evicted for none payment of rent. He kept promising me that he would have the money. And didn’t. It was getting bad. He had two days left to run. And he walks in with almost $5,000 in cash. $50 notes. Plonks it on the counter. I log the receipt cautiously. You know, expecting to be raided by the drug squad or bank robbing specialist police type people. And I don’t ask where the money is from. I’m sensible. I don’t want to know. 
He leaves and I walk him out laying down the law about managing his payments responsibly week to week. As in, totally not like this famine and feast method he has just used. He tells me, it won’t be a problem. He’s set now. I furrow my brow. I wonder. And I say nothing. I don’t want to know. And I spot it. Him and Mrs Him are both here, apparently. He saunters over to his brand new (top of the line looking, let’s face, I’m not sure) Aussie sedan thingy and she waves from her new beep beep type car. My jaw drops, I shake my head. I don’t want to know. 
And I think to myself, this has been a weirdo of a week. And that, that is not even the half of it. Is it something in the stars/planets type thing at the moment or am I just a little sensitive to life’s little oddities? Tell me, is there weird stuff going on where you are? 
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