It’s been a while since we had an I Want To Live Here house post. What can I say, I just don’t see as many unique houses anymore. Though I do have one coming up with a pretty impressive view and a bit of cute about it. Then last, last weekend when we were touring around having some adventures, we came across this gorgeous, rather unusual home on the banks of an inlet near Boreen Point.

Being married to a fishing type, he was enthralled by its private jetty and cute little dingy. I couldn’t resist the repurposed railings and charming perched on the hillside look about it. The lush green grass, blue sky and lapping water didn’t hurt either. We decided it was pretty much a fab his and hers weekender. You would be welcome to visit, of course. Sip wine or drop a line in. Spend the evenings watching the sunset and eating yummy food.

What do you think? Weekend getaway anyone?

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