There’s some conversation online about this style of dress. With its over-sized shape and modest, for lack of a better word, lines it has been labelled an unflattering sack. Gosh. Because people on the internet just can’t hold it in, right? But once again, the people of the internet and I disagree.


There’s this thing that happens in plus size fashion, this hyper-sexuality and femininity that is ‘required’ of us. Be feminine in the body they told you isn’t sexy, or delicate or desirable. To embrace your body, you must expose it and dress in ways that either flatter it or show it off. It’s a confusing, opinionated world out there. That is why I chose to dress for me, and you should dress for you, in whatever makes you happy.

I’ve talked about missing the ‘girly girl’ gene before. When it came to my clothing, I’ve never felt comfortable in anything overly femme. This girl was Sporty Spice inspired leaving Baby in the corner. That doesn’t make me right; it just makes me me. In the same way, if you prefer bodycon over slouch, that’s your business. Or ruffles over stripes.

See where I’m heading with this.

When you immediately dismiss something over-sized or slouchy as a sack and decry it on Facebook, you’re telling me, and those that dress like me, that we’re wrong. And really, who died and made you boss of what any of us wear?

I sound a little ranty, right? I get it. But I’m sick of heading onto plus size clothing retailers Facebook or Instagram pages and being inundated with complaints. Buy it or don’t, let me tell you, the retailer knows the outcome of sales. But can we quit with the whole ‘ripping’ on everything thing?

You’re making my wedge dress super sad.

Wearing 17 Sundays Seamed Wedge Dress in black {AU24} and City Chic Peep Toe Ankle Boots {42/11} {check out the link for similar}.

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