THIS is Hubby’s serious face.
So those of you that have activated your email account in your blogger profile know that you get a little bit of Suger love and appreciation in your mailbox for every comment you leave. The thing you probably don’t know, is that it is my favourite part of reading all the comments. The shooting off a little email or thank you or OMG YES!! 
Which brings me to the serious bit.
You lot, the ones without the email address in your blogger {or linked} profile you are breaking my heart. Often I am half way through a response to you and I realise that actually I will be sending it to no-reply@blogger.com. I bet that guy is one popular dude. So please, stop breaking my heart and link an email address to your blogger profile. 
Now. you may, probably get spam. Deal with that now and open a Gmail account that can be solely for blog emails or blog surfing emails. I also use this account to subscribe to my blog posts {like backing them up really} and comments on the blog. it’s a one stop blog communication email address. Easy. And Gmail is free so why not. I have about 5 accounts. Plus the two managed in Google Apps. Then follow these steps;
  1. Go in to the Blogger dashboard {or wherever you would normally log in to}
  2. Go to the top right {or top left in old blue interface} and click on blogger profile {edit profile in old}. 
  3. Click on edit profile {new – now the two are directed to the same page, no more new old stuff!}
  4. Email address is about half way down the page, enter the new address here if you are changing from your normal log in one {NOTE: your log in one doesn’t change because you do this}. Click SAVE Profile {bottom right}. you may have to reenter edit profile. Maybe not. 
  5. When you have the address you want here tick on SHOW EMAIL ADDRESS. 
  6. Click SAVE PROFILE {again!{ and you are done. 

Sit back and wait for your Suger love {maybe comment after your down so I can send you a whoop email!} and the emails from loyal fans who always wished they could email you and couldn’t. And the spam. You’ll probably get spam. Another good reason to use a Gmail account. The filter system is pretty darn good. Thanks Google. Love you.

Because seriously, if I email old mate no-reply @blogger again I will scream, or cry, or scream AND cry. And you don’t want to do that to me, do you!? Haha.   
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