Hubby and I are hanging out at home tonight, he’s watching boy tv and I’m flicking through Pinterest and various online clothes stores. Lately we’ve been joking about sewing my clothes because I’m such a fuss bum. Jess went ahead and started her own line, my friend Desiree is a bit of a sewer. I’m jealous, Hubby is a much better sewer than I am. Too bad creating floral midi skirts isn’t really on his list of things he wants to do on his day off.

So I got him drunk and made him promise to help me.

Melissa one point. Kelvy zero.

So we’re off to Lincraft in the morning, dusting off the sewing machine {and the iron for that matter} and giving this thing a shot. Like total fools we are already saying to each other, how hard can it BE? Right!? It’s probably going to be pretty hard, especially since we both stopped taking Home Ec in year 10 and haven’t really sewed since.

Hubby hemmed a skirt of mine once.

A black skirt.

With brown thread.

We are so going to dominate this sewing thing.

Watch and see.

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