I’ve been a little slack. I have been doing nothing. And when I do nothing, I do nothing. So sorry we’ve bored the crap out of you. Regular programming will resume soon. I go back to work Wednesday. 
But I have been on call {with the emergency mobile} and it hasn’t stopped ringing. One lady {to use the term loosely} abused the crap out of me because her son had been given, what she described as a boot, by a power point in the shed, which I later learned was a shed full of water. Grrrr.
{edited to add – turns out they’d run an extension cord from the house and it was laying in water… Perhaps that’s where the ‘boot’ came from!? The electrician told her off, took the cord with him and showed her the safety switch she was claiming was not installed}
Anyway. The point is, when my plate is full again, expect to see more of me. Isn’t that the way it goes. 
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