This blog is a place where my life lives. It’s the place where I document the good, the bad and the silly. The little pieces that make up the whole of my world. And there is no bigger piece than my Hubby. The wonderful and charming Kel. Ok, charming was probably an overkill. Wonderful and kind. And cute as heck {pre-bearded growth, eeek}. I was thinking today how much of his story is here too. Through my eyes and experience sure. But his story is here in parts too.

Here’s some of my favourite posts for and about my Hubby.

Hang in there with some of these, the formatting has gone a little squished up thanks to the move from blogger. But the content is still fun and friendly. just like Hubby, in fact. So, enjoy this walk down memory lane.  I know I did choosing them for you.

Gotta love that man.

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