Whether you’ve been here for a day, a month or a year. I’m glad you’re visiting because if you didn’t, I’d just be talking to myself. I was sitting here thinking that most of you would never have read some of the OLD posts. Posts I love, that say so much. They are the reason that I get given so much rope to waffle on now. About not much. So here are a few, that I love, that I thought you might like. And if you want to comment, that’s ok, I get notified of every single one. No matter how old the posts.

Ready, here we go.

The time I admitted I was an addict. And then, I relapsed.

I wrote this post one day, quickly. And this one took ages.

And one day I woke up and just couldn’t help it, I had to say something.

The first post I ever wrote about miscarriage & trying to have a baby.

This was my first ever outfit post.

And this, was the one that had me hooked.

But then, there was this post, one that says a lot about me and how serious I am.

So enjoy. I hope you visit some of them. I will be. I missed these posts. They’re like old friends. But be aware, in the transfer from Blogger some of the old pictures were compressed, so they are a bit lame. Quality wise. But before you go, tell me, how long have you been reading for?

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