I wait sometimes thinking of thinking up the next big thing. I blame my father for this inventors spirit. He used to come up with things all the time. He manufactured them too. It was a bit amazing actually. For me, the next big thing is a little less tangible, a little more web based. Funny, he said it always would be.

An idea, ides in fact, occur regularly enough. It’s the capturing them. The turning them into something real. That’s the bit that takes time. Patience. Commitment. As bloggers we all have these ideas for posts, for a guest post series or link up and most of them are left undone. Until someone else does them. Not because they stole it, but because ideas don’t stay in the one head for long.

There was an Emerson quote on a blog the other day, a quote about perfection being the enemy of good. I believe that whole heartedly. Too often we want to get things right. Get them perfect before we launch them on the world. I always thought that when it came to Facebook there are literally hundreds if not thousands of people saying damn, I HAD an idea like that once. You know, back in the day.

I see Chantelle’s Photo a Day challenge and watch it go more and more global and I’m so proud and impressed. Impressed especially. She has done it. The next big thing. An idea delivered and improved and it went on. An idea that got out of her head and was made a reality. It inspires me. Challenges me at the same time to get on with it. To get creating and make something of nothing.

So now I wait for an idea. Crouched and ready to pounce.

Do you have a big idea you’d love to see come to fruition?

Shhh, don’t tell us!

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