Despite a (still) full wardrobe, there’s nothing I can do to resist a chambray shirt dress. Literally nothing. There has to be a rehab for that, right? Probably. Someone do some googling for me, would you? Haha. Anyway, when the PR team for new brand Valentina Loves approached me they had my number as soon as I saw this dress.

Heart eyes.

It’s a pretty unique cut and style as far as sleeveless shirt dresses go. It’s pretty straight through, wide at the hips with POCKETS and dual side splits. The fabric is heavier than a light-weight chambray but not as heavy as a jean denim. If that even makes sense.

For me, it’s a little small (I’m wearing the 22) across the chest and back but nothing undoing the buttons won’t solve (not an option this day, I was visiting my Mum’s work). I considered sizing up, but to be honest, there is a lot of volume at the bottom of this dress for me so it would’ve looked strange.

As far as styling went, I kept it as simple as simple gets. Nude shoes. Full stop. I considered a belt and even tying my light chambray shirt around my waist (good options for those playing at home looking for ways to easily change up this look) but in the end, it was hot and I wanted easy.

As you do, it was 35 degrees ffs. Hello SUMMER.

Speaking of styling this dress, I almost wore sneakers. But places to go, people to see. It’s going to look great with my white Converse though, watch out for that. This dress is absolutely something that will be able to be worn dressed up, or dressed down. And if unlike me, you can button up the neckline, a longline necklace would be a great addition when dressing up.


Wearing Valentina Loves chambray dress (gifted – size 22), City Chic nude heels and Quay Australia Tell Me Why sunglasses.

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