I had BIG plans for this weekend. I have open documents here, there and everywhere. Guest posts, eBooks drafts and especially my competition entry for the Kidspot Top 50 Bloggers. So after lots and lots of naps, one night that included WAY too much wine and that cold, I have virtually nothing done. Seriously! Lucky I left the house Saturday and got SOME stuff done because it’s been a bust since then.

Hubby did remind me though that this year my birthday was the most successful I’ve ever had. I spent a lovely day with family and friends, got a new car a couple of days before AND the box set of Friends. Seriously, this is a major win in my books. Did I ever tell you about the year referred to in this house as the birthday Hubby was lucky to survive and that I might have overacted slightly about…

I haven’t? Well here we go.

It was the March before our wedding in August. I arrived home to our living room furniture piled up in the second lounge blocking the entrance, paint fumes and a trail of rose petals. A sign told me to follow the petals. Cynic that I am, I thought, derrr, it’s the only clear path through this mess! Soon I found Hubby sitting on the edge of a full bathtub, candles and more petals floating in the bath and two small boxes. I got a little excited, I won’t lie. I might have also said that I hope Hubby knew where the heck the vacuum cleaner is!

I opened the boxes and inside were our wedding bands. Hubby has squirreled them away since they called to notify us they were ready to collect. Happy birthday he said. I love you. Naaaaaw. thanks babe, I said. But umm, these aren’t my birthday present are they, wedding rings don’t count. Well no, he said. Looking a little miffed {Who can blame him, I’m a cow, I know} he pulled out two wrapped parcels. One light and one heavy.

I opened the light parcel and it was a jumper I’d put on lay-by a few weeks earlier. I cringe a little on the inside thinking that I’d decided it didn’t really suit me and I was going to return it. So then I opened the heavy one, unwrapping the gift there was a box. A square box about 30cm across. I had no idea what to expect, but when I saw what it I was not happy. SO not happy.

Apparently Hubby thought it was a good idea to give me our wedding rings, a jumper I didn’t want and BATHROOM SCALES for my birthday. And he didn’t know where the vacuum cleaner was. Thank goodness it’s become family legend or I might have left him then and there. Because let’s face it, we didn’t have any scales just isn’t a good enough reason to gift them to your wife to be for her birthday.

Worse gift ever, your turn. Go.

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