Earlier this week I found out that I was nearing the top end of my hosting allowance on my current plan. The next step up was to go to unlimited for a still reasonable price but it got me wondering. Maybe I use too many photos. Perhaps the video idea wasn’t a good one. I need to reign it in. Maybe blog less. Then I thought that perhaps I could remove some of the old content and thus clear up some space instead? A tight ass move, sure, but worth considering.

So I took a  look back.  I flicked through the archives and while there was the occasional one I thought it might be fun to get rid of, I couldn’t do it. Each and every one of those posts marks a moment in time for this blog, for me and for my relationships. It’s all there. How I’ve felt, who I was, where I was and all that. I think that’s why we, as bloggers, get so upset if we lose our blogs, if they don’t feel the same. I think it’s why I do. And we all know, I’ve been there.

So I didn’t end up removing any of the old content. I stopped telling myself how to blog, why to blog and the questions I had posed for myself. I love the photos, I enjoyed the videos. This year I’m going to be nothing but myself. No matter how small the decisions are to be made. So I logged in, gave my Paypal details and went for it. Now I’m free to say what I want in whatever method I want.

If it takes an extra $65 a year to be unlimited, then so be it.

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