I popped onto Twitter the other day (night? who knows these days!) and stumbled across possibly the best personal compliment of my life. It’s not that life has been hard lately, just busy. And to be honest, people are ridiculously generous with me, so it had some stiff competition. Meagan of This is Meagan Kerr said…

I went naaaaaw.


Out loud.

I naaaw’ed out loud. I nol. Is that a thing?

To be unafraid of my own awesomeness has probably been my target my entire life. It took me long enough to recognise my awesome in the first place, let along be able to let it shine for others to see. But in the end it became about leading the way. Sick and tired of having the same conversations, talking about the same fears and perceived short-comings, I wanted change. More than wanted it, I needed it. And I knew it had to start with me. Right, Gandhi?

It’s the same reason I challenge you every single day to forget that story you have about yourself and embrace who you are. When you are who you are no one can take that away from you. There are moments of crisis or lack of confidence, but they pass quickly when you can stand in your awesomeness for all to see. For when you do others take strength in that. When they see you, the imperfect you, being okay with who you are it shines a light at the end of the tunnel. It says to them, quietly at first then louder, that maybe they are okay too.

And that’s how Meagan paid me the best compliment ever and why it matters more to me than any number of others. So let me ask you, are you unafraid of your awesomeness? Are you getting there? What’s the best compliment YOU ever received?

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