I know, team; try not to die of shock. This is easily the most colour we’ve seen outfit-wise in a LONG TIME. It’s not my fault; I don’t wear much colour. I like it that way. But when I received this dress from a friend (who happens to own the brand in question), I knew it was too special to decline. Thank you, Ms Harvest. 


Welcome home, Havana Palm Print Dress.


Last week, the weather continued to be hot, hot, hot. Afternoon drinks with the husband-type person were on the cards, and I wanted to be out the door asap. So, I threw it on with heels, and I was done. That’s the upside of such a statement print. You have an outfit in one piece. You can tell how much time and effort went into such things with my messy top knot. Summer style, right? Easy is where it’s at.

This year I’ve been all about the summer dress: easy styles, light-weight materials and comfortable cuts. We have had some sticky, stinking weather, and the idea of anything more restrictive has sent me screaming from my closet. This is lucky since many of my jeans are snug after the festive season. Haha.

I asked on the Facebook page what YOUR go-to summer item has been this year, and many of you agreed. That and denim shorts, which, let’s face it, the right pair, are like GOLD in my books. So what’s your go-to? I’ve opened images in the comments, so if you take outfit photos, show us what you’ve got!


Wearing Hope & Harvest Havana Palm Print Dress (XL – gifted) and City Chic Heels (from wide fit range – currently sold out)

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