Morning folks! Now, this outfit might seem a little familiar to some of you. And that’s because I wore it to work on the day and posted the outfit on Instagram and the people, well they wanted MORE. And me, well I’m all about what the people want. Unless the people want fewer stripes, more dots and naked photos {who ARE you pervy people Googling my full name and naked!? No really. Stop}. So I grabbed Hubby, dragged him to a local brick wall and got him to take some photos.

You’re welcome.

This work outfit was comfortable, cosy and the people I work with actually gathered around to discuss how great it was for a while. That’s weird, right? It’s a tunic, some ponte pants and a cardigan but they stood at the reception counter complementing the line of it, the balance of the work with comfort, the colour palette. It’s funny how that happens. I mean, no one even mentioned my awesome floral blouse last time I wore it! Sometimes an outfit just works.

For goodness sake, add it to the rotation and congratulate yourself on being so awesome. 

Do you know that it wasn’t that long ago that the idea of slim fit pants made me feel a little woozy and confronted? No really. I had seriously, well and truly bought into the idea that I needed wide-leg pants or boot-cut jeans to balance out my large upper half. These days I hardly ever wear wide-leg pants unless they are high-waisted and black. My jeans are pretty much ALL of the skinny variety.

Same goes for the belt over things. Who knew how awesome THAT could be for giving a great shape, drawing in all the layers and cinching in the waist. What a win that is and I still remember how ridiculous I felt when I first did it. Around here belts are just a vehicle for shiny belt buckles or looped loosely through the tabs while the pants bag low on the but. The idea of a skinny belt, strapped OVER the clothing, was foreign, to say the least.

Times change. Style changes. And you know what?

There are times when you try something new and magic happens. So I double dare you to give it a try. Choose a style and give it a go. Go nuts. You never know what you might find for yourself.

Tunic – Autograph Fashion {2010!}
Cardigan – Autograph Fashion
Ponte Pants – MODA by Target {gifted}
Shoes – Emerson for Big W



What’s your new favorite look, style or outfit? Seriously, tell me, I’m interested.  


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