Morning Sugers. This week’s Friend of Suger – Your Style post is bought to you by a Mother, owner of two blogs My Vintage Vow & Journey to Bliss and crafty crafter Trudie. She is a literal friend of  Suger. Since her enquiry regarding her blog make over popped into my inbox, Trudie has been a great support and cheer squad for me. A bundle of questions and energy, she’s a high energy, big love type lady. Plus every time I see Trudie she looks uniquely fabulous. This is a style you want to see. Check it out!

I don’t think there is one word to describe my style when it comes fashion, other than to tell you I love vintage and op shopping. I like to mix vintage and thrifted finds with current and classic pieces. As a kid growing up I was dressed in op shop finds and hand me downs so I think my style has always been evolving.

To be honest my vintage loving style is still evolving as my wardrobe and collection expands. But it’s pretty safe to say I like different elements from all the eras and it’s fun mixing it up. I stopped caring a long time ago about what was “on trend” or “in season” and just went with what made me fee like me and true to myself, so now I just have fun trying things.

I’m slightly challenged at the moment with breastfeeding and finding suitable garments that I appreciate for my style but allow the ease to breastfeed comfortably. So at the moment you can often find me in a vintage maxi skirt and a retailed basic tee or perhaps I will wear a vintage top with a trusty pair of skinny leg jeans and dress up a little more with vintage head scarves and accessories.

{first photo by Danielle – Five Little Reasons}

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