This morning up woke up with the fog was heavy on the ground and the morning was at its coldest to go the gym. It could have been a normal day, but it wasn’t. Today I was having photos taken, I had the rest of the day off to write and I was excited to savour the freedom of it. Too bad all I really wanted was a nap after one of THE worst nights sleep in my life. Of course.

So off I go to the gym, work out with my sister, finally completing a full set of sit ups again after a month of bailing on them due to time, sickness and other such excuses. I left feeling great but with a dull headache that I have a sneaking suspicion might be caused by a VERY old glasses prescription and too many hours in front of a screen. Soon I was showered and eating Promite on toasted English muffins waiting for Desiree of Madame Rouge Make Up and Bambi of Photography by Bambi to arrive. I was to be made up within an inch of my life and photographed where I work.

Remember the office was given that primp after the deathly hallows style sickness week? Well that was for this, primarily. Though if we were being really honest I should have been photographed with a top knot bun, no make-up, in smelly gym clothes under a blankie on my couch. Because that, as they say, is where the magic happens. But alas a decent photo is what they were after and the primping began. Now, can I tell you Desiree she knows her stuff. She’s all kinds of fabulous and has worked on some major productions here and overseas. You can totally read about her here. And I can see why, she’s lovely and does AMAZING work.

One day I’ll make her fix my brows. Like, make, make her. With force if required.

So after and hour or so of make-up and hair I was ready for my close up. Literally. Bambi had moved a few things around in my office and had grabbed some other things from around the house {like my Superman mug I’d been drinking my tea from} and artfully placed them on my desk. I was nervous! No, really. I take selfies of myself all the time but this was different. I felt a bit like a tool. Luckily I probably didn’t look it as Bambi directed me through the shoot. And re-directed when I said, errr, I don’t know how to relax my chin but push my jaw forward… Errrr. See. Tool.

And within a few magic clicks of the camera we were done. We put my office back together and chatted for a while about living sugar-free, my blog, the brands I’ve worked with and about what I was going to write about today. I told them that I would just head to Gloria Jeans and figure it out from there. Laughing that I was a little overdone for Gloria Jeans and Centro. I didn’t tell Desiree but I had plans to tone down my fabulous photo shoot make up to something a little more Gympie friendly. I told my sister it was such a waste to have such a fab face full on and nowhere to go. Sigh. Must plan better.

With no filter after I toned my look down a little for the shops. 

No tone down but with a little filter action.

I can’t wait to share more photos and maybe even some of the article when it’s published or I get my hot little hands on it. Whichever comes first. But for right now I’m off to soak in the bath, apply a mask to my face and hair and hope to heck this headaches goes away with a little off-screen time. And do me a favour would you, keep your fingers crossed that I can manage a good nights sleep tonight. Help me out, I NEED this.

Well, maybe not as bad as some of you. But, you know.

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