So I think my wireless keyboard is out of battery. Despite being so young in time spent in my house I think it might have remained on since Blogopolis in my laptop bag. Whoops. How annoying. So instead I’m back to attempted touch typing on the iPad screen. Not all bad, I’ve gotten pretty good at it over time.

You know what else I’ve gotten pretty good at? The rambling type post. The post about nothing and something all at the same time. You know, if I do say so myself. This is one of those posts, did you notice? It’s about flat keyboard and random skills and nothing happens in my day.

Like today I am in charge of inspections and appraisals as well as my normal job of photos and admin type helpfulness. Today I am meeting people at houses and showing them through. Making what occurs to me as a feeble attempt to sell them the house. It’s a weird thing. Buying a house is a fairly personal moment, and there I am. In that memory.

Weird, right?

For as long as they live in that house, maybe come the time they next sell and onwards, there will be this memory of me. Showing them this house, talking them through it, giving them just enough space to get a feel for it for themselves… Peekaboo. There I am.

I’m thinking maybe I should have spent more time doing my hair today.

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