I woke up this morning and it was cold. A bit too cold. I had work a little earlier than normal so I sent a text to my sister saying go back to bed, I can’t go to the gym today. She was pretty darn glad. It was cold after all. So I pulled the doona up a little higher, checked that I still had time to lay in bed and called out to Hubby to turn on the air con. It went a little like this;

Hubby, are you there?

Hun, turn on the air con would you?

It’s cold, air con please!

Oh honey please turn the air con on, it’s coooooooold.

Babe, HEY, are you still here?


Hmmm, evidently not.


Stuff it. It’s not that cold, I’ll just get up later.


And so I did. I got out of bed later and went about my day. Being real estate fabulous whilst shooting off blog emails in my breaks. Super productive, that’s me. After ticking all the boxes, dotting all the i’s and doing that crossing thing with the t’s, it was lunchtime. Yes. Sunshine and food. Win.

Popping out to fill up my car, I was in about to pay for it when stuff started to go wrong. I searched for my buy stuff account card and it wasn’t there. We’d had a mix up with new cards where hubby had taken mine and I’d taken his. I’d asked him to swap them back. He hadn’t. Obviously and had only taken his. No card.

So I whipped out my new other bank, joint account card. A card that had to be cancelled because it got internet defrauded with the assistance of my Mother {no more card for you Mother!}. I stuck it in the chip reader, punched in a pin and was ready for it to do its thing. Declined. Incorrect pin. Dammit. The new card must have a new pin too.

Swear jar. I was pretty much stuck! 

In a moment of desperation I pulled out an old visa card. Hoping that it hadn’t been cancelled too. Hoping that it had money on the card. Hoping that the assistant would stop rolling her eyes at some stage so this crappy situation didn’t get any crappier. And like a magical moment sent from above, the card ran through and I walked back out into the cold cursing my Hubby and his casual’ness with MY card.

And then he was home when I got there. It went a little like this;

Hey babe, can you find my card, I just used a hundred year old Visa to pay for fuel because you didn’t put that card back in my wallet. Not happy man.

It’s there. He said. Did you check the wallet..?

Let’s just say, the next 45 minutes was a little tense as he turned the whole house, both cars and my {gasp} handbag upside down looking for it. Refusing to acknowledge that he screwed me on the card front. And it was found. But let’s just say that this was not a shining moment in our relationship. Especially that bit where he left without knowing at some point I would be cold and turning on the air con. He used to do it without asking.

Sigh, relationships are hard work.

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