With the local pool season pretty much over the time has come to increase my cardio at the gym again. I almost groaned. Seriously how times have changed. It used to be that running {at whatever pace} and I got along great guns. But like anything that requires fitness and practice this is no longer the case. I found myself huffing and puffing through 90 second intervals and praying for the end of my cardio break.

It’s good for my heart. I keep reminding myself of that. And my legs, of course.

But still in these early stages back on the treadmill, rower and bike I’m struggling to motivate myself. I get on there okay, I get started, but it’s the doing more than 10-15 minutes that I find difficult. I tell myself I’m bored. That my feet hurt {they sort of do, new shoes on the list again}. I make excuses to stop as soon as I can.

Maybe it’s just part of the process. I certainly remember these tired legs from last time. I remember there being excitement to get to the next level, to reach the end of the program. Now there’s only apathy. Tired legs are perhaps not my struggle  but a tired mind. Whatever it is I need it to shift. I was thinking setting a challenge for myself again might be a good idea. Something like a 5km goal or a bet with my brother again. It’s got to be something to capture and maintain my interest. A why!?

I said to Hubby I bet if I was being paid by the kilometre I would do it. Maybe that’s the key.

Help me out, have you got any tips on challenging myself to hit the road running?  

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