Lately I’m feeling a little more zen about life. I’m not forcing things like I used to. I think this says a lot about what 29 years old is for me. My drive is alive and well, but I have faith in a way I have never had before. I feel like I have always received what I needed, when I needed it. A job, a man like Kel, a conversation to clear my head, a compliment when I’m just not feeling it.

And all this says to me. Stop pushing. It’s about timing.

And yes, this has to do with becoming a mother. And yes it has to do with writing more and working less. And yes it has to do with knowing where I want to be in ten years. But it’s different now, for whatever reason. I am happy to plan and have them work, or not. Happy to take action and be rewarded, or not. What ever way you say it. I think it’s about being present. Hoping. Wishing and even praying. And trusting that whatever it was that got me here, to this moment, will continue to look out for me.

Delivering everything, in its own time.

{Well, would you look at that. This looks almost, like a post about faith. And it is, in a way. A non-denominational faith. A knowing in my guts.}

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