Last week I went onto ASOS to pick up a shirt or two for work. They have this awesome white collared shirt with pintuck detail on the front that I just LOVE. Anyways, while I was there I saw this dress. Loved it in an instant. Wanted it. So being a little naughty, I added it to the cart and it was mine. I ordered my normal size and it’s a bit big. Like, maybe a size or two at least. So keep that in mind. Plus I’m thinking I’ll ask my Aunt to take it up. This length cuts my legs off at their most chunky. Knee-length or shorted suits me better and this dress can more than handle the chop.

Regardless I put it on today to wear to lunch. Messy hair, flats and a cardigan in bright orange. it survived the drive, a long lunch and a nap. Still looking pristine. And then tonight I wore it to dinner with a white cardigan, pale grey heels, a top bun and more mascara. I wish I had photos of this look. It’s my favourite. Effortlessly elegant, I think. The short version of this dress is, it’s a super comfortable, super versatile dress. But buy down a size. Or two.

And the spot I took the photos? Well, isn’t it just gorgeous!? It’s just inland of the Amamoor turn-off, off the Bruce Highway. It’s part of my short cut to my house. It cuts a whole 7 minutes off the trip AND I get to drive through some of the most beautiful country. You should see this place on a starry night. Sigh. So pretty. Plus, red dirt, green grass, blue skies. What more could a girl ask for? To have remembered my tripod for one. Not to have been stung by a wasp for another. Haha. Outfit photos are HARD.



Link to the dress on ASOS.COM

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