Primped vs Not Primped
Today I am off Brisbane {yup, again, third Sunday in a row!}. Today I am catching up with new and old friends at the last Hello Blogger Events meet up of the year. Gosh. Where did 2011 GO!? Ponder that, if you will, while I tell you the top 5 things you should know about me, BEFORE meeting me. For those of you who have already met me, sorry I didn’t get you the list. Hope you weren’t too shocked!
  1. I am never, ever as primped and perfect {ha!} as I appear in photos. The sample collage about is to demonstrate this. And the pic on the right still has a decent angle and a photo filter. If you’re expecting managed hair, make up and a stylish combination of clothing and accessories, prepare yourself. It probably won’t happen. I’m a total dag. 
  2. I will probably hug you, touch your hair or pat your arm or something equally as inappropriate for meeting someone for the first time. Ask just about everyone I’ve ever managed to catch up with and meet. I’m a personal space crosser. Enter at your own risk. 
  3. I’m tall. And generally big. Little people be afraid, very afraid. No, seriously, I’m very nice. But quite imposing. I can only imagine what little Dani thought when we first met! Especially given she was sitting on a rug in the park when I strolled on over.  
  4. I swear a lot more than I do here. I don’t know how it started but I do know it’s a bit out of control. I DO try to rein it in. But often, especially when telling a story, I’ll let fly. Turns out, Dad was right, crap is a gateway swear word. Sorry Dad!
  5. I laugh a LOT. Loudly. Usually with tears streaming down my face. Sometimes I laugh so hard I snort. Big, loud laughs are good for you though, so never fear, you’ll get your daily dose hanging out with me. 

So there you go. now you know. Can’t wait to see you all! this post is scheduled so I can get a head start on you all from home. Turns out Dani had an announcement of her own. You can see it here. Watch it. Prepare yourself. If you want to stay up to date on future events like the facebook page or follow the blog. Posts from the day will be able to be linked to the page from Monday evening. 

See you soon Brisbane! 
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