Bye bye perfection.

I’ve been doing some reading around the old interwebs. I was looking for some advice and a little bit of a scare to get my back into gear in relation to cutting out the booze and caffeine. Turns out there are a LOT of foods/drinks/random things you should eat/drink/take while trying to get pregnant. Who knew? Well, I could have guessed, but it made for interesting reading anyway.

Especially the article that mention that it was a good idea to stop taking the pill if trying to get pregnant, silly me, I thought that would’ve been a given. Any waaaaay. Here is the list so far, go anything to add?

  • caffeine
  • alcohol
  • smoking
  • drugs
  • some prescription drugs
  • energy drinks
  • sugar
  • refined flour
  • artificial sweetners
  • fish
  • processed meats
  • soya bean
  • soya products
  • wieners {HA! Really, I would’ve thought that would be essential in some regards?}
  • peanut butter
  • spinach
  • eggs
  • soft cheeses
  • chocolate
  • candy
  • soft drinks
  • diet pills {surprise surprise}
  • Anything with too much vitamin A, C or D
  • seafood

No really, I kid you not. And the lists of foods YOU SHOULD eat are even longer. And sometimes cross over. Holy heck my brain is going to explode. Maybe no more Googling the phrase ‘Things NOT to eat while trying to get pregnant’ and more kicking the booze and caffeine to the kerb. You think?

And seriously, what the heck am I going to do without SPINACH!?

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