I want to know who came up with blogging and was it for business or for pleasure?

How do I make sure my photos are always the way I want them to be?

As in, not upside down.

Where do blogs go when the writers get over them or shut them down?

Similarly, where do readers go when they unfollow?

How many selfies is too many for one blog?

Is there such a thing as too many?

If I don’t fill out the SEO section will I disappear from search engines?

If a blog can be blocked from a search engine at any time, why is SEO important?

HTML code, who came up with that?

Were they high?

What are the chances they weren’t?

Is a blog considered social media? That always confuses me.

What IS social media anyway?

Do ‘they’ really thing social media is the way of the future?

Does anyone REALLY get what Analytics is going on about?

And finally, seriously, how the heck did I end up here?

Do you have a burning blog question?

Maybe we can answer it for you.

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