There is always someone worse off than you.

There is always someone better than you.

There is always someone who has what you want.

There is always someone who will help if you ask.

There is always someone who cares.

There is always someone who pushes you to do better.

There is always someone to give you a hug when you fail.


Or I hope there is because in this life there is nothing more wonderful and enriching than the connections we make with other people. The friendships, the mentorships and the people; those crazy, joyful, snuggly, infuriating people. I encourage you if you don’t have at least one of each to get to work recruiting for your life. You’ll never be happier.

I was speaking to a friend the other night about a new business idea she is nutting out. She had approached some people in her industry and they had declined her request for information on breaking in. Wary, I think, that she might be out to steal their ideas and fast track her business. This confused me. Had she asked the right way? Was this just the wrong person to ask? My experience in business has always been that people who are successful are pretty open with their pathways to success. Willing to share their story and tips if you can work in with their schedule.

Buy a coffee and listen to what my mentor used to tell me.

REALLY listen and all the answers are there.

Those answers are there in all people. Learn humility from those who have less than you and are happy. Learn cheerful ambition from someone who has what you want. Learn to share and pass on the knowledge from those who offered their knowledge to you. And learn to succeed from those pushing you to be better. Take these lessons and grow. Take them and become the person you want to be, delivering on the things you have set out to achieve in this life and more. Do all this and become that person for someone else.

I think you’ll find, in some way, you already are.

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