Well as we round out another week, I wanted to say thank you for hanging out, being cool and dropping by {do I sound like a cheesy radio presenter? Because that’s totally what I was going for}. This is a new weekly feature to head you into the loooooong cold weekends {ok, not that cold in Queensland. But cold as in lonely} with plenty of Suger to keep you entertained.

Here’s the weekly highlights;

And here’s some old ones people have clicked on this week;

  • My Online Persona
  • The start of the You are my Sunshine award
  • What I learnt doing routine inspections
  • And those terrifying words, honey can I get a hand? 

So head out there and have an amazing weekend. As always, I’m off to watch my Mum and sister play hockey from my very important spot at the bar. It really is too bad I’m cutting back my drinking. Two drink limit. Per WEEK. New rule. Self imposed. And more eBook writing for me this weekend, I’m looking forward to it.

That’s the weekly wrap up. Have a good one.

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