So you all heard about the massive amount of whinging I did this week about being sick, tired and sick and tired of being sick and tired. If you missed it. Well done you. Way to avoid my negative self until it passed. Yesterday I sat in the mess on my office floor, with my Internet having been disconnected {damn you bill paying, why am I SO shit at this} and old modem and computer shot, feeling terrible and I cried. Big ugly sobs. I was just so darn frustrated.

So I rolled up my sleeves and cleaned out my office. Moved some stuff around and wiped down the whole blackboard wall. I am having some photos taken in my office next week and it had been weighing on my mind when I would get it done. I sniffled the whole way through it. I sucked in some deep breath’s and made some plans in my head. Soon I felt better. And the office LOOKED it.

In my haze of sickness and ick this week I forgot a major tale I had to tell you.

Like, my cousin has just built a new house. She was in cleaning the shower with the assistance of her almost 2-year-old son. his assistance unfortunately involved wiping the already cleaned sections over with the toilet brush. Keen to stop him from doing so, my cousin pulled the shower screen door inwards only realising after that it goes out. Being 20+ weeks pregnant with bouncing baby boy numero 3 she was trapped.

Her only chance of escape was to convince Mr 2 to go and get her phone and pass it through the tiny gap. Get Mummy’s phone, she pleaded, it’s on her bed. Get Mummy’s phone Mr 2, go on. Call Daddy? After a few failed attempts Mr 2 stopped returning to the bathroom and my cousin was considering her options. Should she attempt to climb out {probably not}, scream for help and hope someone in the new development heard {doubtful, they have no neighbours} or wait for visitors who were coming in a couple of hours to arrive…

She waited. Pondered. Worried about the havoc being caused by an unsupervised very quite Mr 2. In a moment of brilliance that can only be put down to sheer panic for their new home she thought of peeling the stopper tape off the glass door so it would open back the other way but thus destroying the seal. She did so with HUGE success and went to find out how bad the damage was.

Mr 2 was sitting comfortably on the couch watching ABC kids, eating a snack he’d scored himself. While apparently totally self-reliant it turns out that this Mr 2 will not be awarded any bravery medals any time soon for calling triple zero and saving the day. It turns out that while there are snacks within reach my cousin is at severe risk of him never coming to look for her.

We declared him pretty much a dud kid*.

And just like that I felt better. I’m baaaack.

*in the triple 0 stakes. 

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