Yesterday we said goodbye to a woman who has been like a grandmother to me for 20 years now. Having been grandparent-less for the past decade since I lost my final grandmother that’s something a girl comes to rely on. This woman was a role model for me. Someone who encouraged me to keep trying new things, inspired me by leading the way and by being the most stubborn, headstrong person I knew.

I didn’t know if I would blog about her. I considered it a while ago when she first got sick but didn’t. But as you know I am writing these posts for the website aimed at teenage girls and I really got present to how important strong female role models are. No matter the stage of our lives. They guide us, shape us and bump us back on path when we falter.

My mother was the greatest gift I could have received. What a woman she is with her generosity and way with people. Then there was Amanda, the woman who inspired me to write and who opened the door for me to THE most life changing program. My sister and sister-in-law, my cousins, my friends. Woman with guts, determination, grace, beauty and smarts.

Real woman in the best use of the word. Woman of substance. And I keep on meeting them. I have had a couple of woman come into my life, perhaps to fill the void of those leaving, who ignite the ambition in me. Challenging my ideas on what is possible for me. And never holding any punches. I’m blessed in this life by these women. A charmed life really.

Goodbye my friend.

Are you lucky enough to have quality people around you? Role models are important, yes?  

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