Most bloggers have a line that they can not and do not cross. It could be relating to your partner, your kids or your work. There are just some things that the internets don’t need to hear. There’s that too. But mostly for me it’s the partner/family member/friend veto. The quick as a whip, pointed, eyebrow raised you are NOT blogging about this.

The veto.

But I was thinking about it the other day. There are things we sometimes are compelled to write that we know are better left unsaid. At the time we might be angry, or laughing so hard at what a fabulous joke it is. Without considering how someone else feels. I think it’s a line we, as bloggers, walk often enough. The line between our story and someone else’s.

There’s a ridiculous story that happened here this week. Hubby demanded it not be blogged. I shared it with a few cousin’s and friend’s {he said blogged, not discussed people} and we all had a laugh at how silly he is, how silly the situation. So I decided I’d approach the idea again. Could I maybe, I asked? Only to be met with a resounding no. No way. Not on the blog. It was vetoed.

It’s not my story to tell. So I don’t tell it. I think about it and wonder why he’s so adamant I not share it. I think he’s being unreasonable. It’s one of those silly things. Clearly he feels that it’s not that silly. I don’t understand it. But I’ll listen and move on to something else. After all our lives are jam packed with silly little stories, most of which Hubby is more than happy to share. Sometimes even going as far as to prompt me.

Have you ever over stepped the line? Blogged about something you were asked or just knew in your gut not to?

Yes or no answers are fine. I don’t want to get you in trouble.

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