I was flicking through Twitter the other day and I came across a link to a link from it onwards I went. Soon enough I came across this post over at Daily Life. After meeting more and more fashion bloggers of all sizes, shapes and styles, I changed my opinion on flattering. My opinion was always that I should flatter my body while attempting to replicate or fit the latest trends and whims. Or not try at all. I spent a lot of time trying hard to conceal my flaws in a body I wasn’t sure I knew or understood any more. I was either wearing something that was deemed flattering or nothing {not literally} at all.

I don’t know really. When it comes down to it.

Sure I want to look good. Sure there are clothes that look great on my body, show off the tone and line of it better than others. But does that mean that I have to give UP all the others. Should I never wear a full skirt because narrow pencil skirts look better? Should I only wear v-necks because higher necklines make my boobs look huge {not always a bad thing. Ha}. Wear this length, not that and on and on it goes.

But really, shouldn’t we enjoying wearing whatever it is that takes our fancy? Why wear a belt that squishes your middle and makes you uncomfortable to create an illusion of a waist. Who said a teeny tiny waist was the ‘the thing’ to have anyway? Probably the same people who decided that tall, wafer thin models was in. And long before that, that podgy bellies and full breasts. They are a fickle bunch those people that we give a giant up yours to in general by being ourselves, in the body we have.

So why?

Is it because I really do want to be considered beautiful? The normal kind. Maybe they won this round and for all my ranting and raving I am more than willing to concede that I should have wider hips, longer legs, a shorter torso to be in proportion. That maybe my body isn’t right and I’ve been fooling myself the whole time?  Because just maybe on the inside the idea that I could trick someone into thinking I’m thinner than I am is just a little bit too enticing in the shallow world? I resign myself to being part of the crowd. A flatter’er forever trapped.

And then I pick up a full skirt on eBay.

I grab a dress that twirls at the shops.

I find some pants with a pattern on them.

I wore a top with large billowing sleeves.

And bit by bit, I remind myself that they don’t get to make the rules for me. I do. They don’t get to make me conform to some idea of beauty and that just by being aware of it I have a choice. I wear skinny jeans because they slim my silhouette but mostly because it gives me a bounce in my step. That little nudge to get out there and swing my narrow butt for the world to see. I know, the choice I’ve made. It’s neither good nor bad, it’s just the one I made for my body. It is, after all mine to do with as I please. Heck, some people even say that fat woman shouldn’t wearing slim fit jeans.

You can’t win. You might as well be happy.

Are you happy? How do you decide what to wear? Flattery or fun?