Now my blog is at a lovely level at the moment. I’m in a tier {great wordage Blogopolis roomies, thanks} that suits me down to the ground. I’m not a super star with all the added pressure and accolades. But people read my blog and I get offered opportunities and all that jazz. But mine has not been a meteoric rise. It has been steady, constant and has taken over two and a half years so far.

I’m the tortoise in this story.

But there is something that I wanted to say about all that. A couple of somethings in fact. I want to say you should run you’re own race. You should set yourself goals and do what you need to do to achieve them. You should know that not all blogs will be the same. Each story, each pathway will not be the same. In fact none of them are. And that that’s the best bit.

You should be patient but filled with passion and drive. Have ambition too coupled with the openest of open hearts. Do it because you love it and for the community that is there if you get yourself out of the way. You should be ok with the results your work has given you and be proud of that. And if you want something more you should ask questions, send emails and knock on doors until you have it.

See. Lots of somethings and I’m not even done.

I want to say that blogging on a certain scale takes work, a little bit of strategy and a lot of time. You’re building a little family, and that takes something special and unique. Luckily the good news is, you ARE special and unique. There is no easy ways, but there are fast tracks.

Watch out for how you build your audience. Infamy, I’m sure, isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.

The last something of this rather long list of somethings is that you can achieve most things you set out to achieve. If you develop your skills and your blog, yourself and your writing, it will come. In whatever form, on whatever day it is ready. Then, your next task will be to maintain it. Which is another race all of it’s own.

Like the old saying goes, enjoy the journey. And something about it being the point.

I know I have.

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